It's all graphic 9

01 December 2022 

Critical Interventions in the (Graphic Design) Archive

The Wim Crouwel Institute encourages fresh perspectives on the links between graphic design’s heritage and contemporary practice. It is particularly interested in how graphic design history can be understood in the light of today’s pressing socio-political issues. 

For this year’s ‘It’s All Graphic’, specially curated to follow Prof. Dr. Alice Twemlow's inaugural lecture at the University of Amsterdam, the invited speakers addressed the role of graphic design in decolonizing, depatriarchalizing, and other reframings of the archive. 

Moderated by Alice Twemlow and Roosje Klap, the speakers were: 

Syrian Graphic Design Archive (Kinda Ghannoum and Sally Alassafen)
Grafis Nusantara
Tabea Nixdorff
, curator, Feminist Design Strategies
Remco van Bladel, co-founder, Archival Consciousness
Alice Wong, media-artist-in-residence, Open Archive 3.0