It's all graphic 8

26 November 2020 

Craft 2.0: new imaginations of the graphic design practice

In this 8th episode of It’s All Graphic we’ll talk to graphic designers, who have developed new sets of skills and new toolkits in addition to their graphic design skills. These multidisciplinary designers all use coding to visualise their designs, but their media are all very different. From the dynamic letters of Mitch Paone, the airbrushed ceramic tiles of Gilles de Brock and the self-developed typography of Our Polite Society; to all kind of creative coding projects by Vera van de Seyp and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for the purpose of exploring the use of our memory according to Chris Kore. Why did they feel the urge to do so? And why do so many designers do it nowadays, if you compare it to before?